Medical negligence or potential urban myth?

Medical negligence or potential urban myth? Penile implant rises with neighbour's garage doors

A man who had a penile implant to cure impotence is rising to the occasion — whenever his neighbour opens his garage doors. In a call to BBC Radio Merseyside the man claimed the remote control for his neighbour's garage was on the same frequency as the electronic device in his groin.

The sufferer told the phone-in it was a cause of endless embarrassment — but doctors will not help as the implant operation was done in Turkey. He said: “Every time my neighbours park their 4x4 I get an erection. It’s embarrassing.”

When DJ Roger Phillips asked if he had seen a doctor he replied: “I had it done in Turkey, with equipment not used in this country. Every time his car pulls in, I can’t leave the house. It’s not funny.”

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